Title Effective Date Download
CAA-AC-PEL 005 English Language Proficiency Testing and Endorsement 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-PEL 004 Authorizations 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-PEL 003 Pilot Ratings 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-PEL 002 - Licences, Certificates, Authorizations for Personnel other than Flight Crew 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-PEL 001 Application for Flight Crew Member Licence 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-GEN023 All Weather Operations 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS016C Aircraft Mass and Balance Schedule 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS004C Restricted Certificate of Airworthiness, Export Certificate of Airworthiness and Special Flight Permit 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-PEL009 Skill Test Standards for Issuance of Flight Crew Licences 01-08-2019 Download
CAA-AC-PEL-013C Issue, Renewal Validation, Extension and conversion of AMEL 01-09-2017 Download
CAA-AC-GEN022 - Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) Approval 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN010 - Aircraft Lease and Interchange 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN004C - Statement of Compliance 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS028 - Certification of Flight Recorders Maintenance Organizations 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS031 - Development of Maintenance Contract 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS022C - Aircraft Noise Certification 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS015 - Inspection and Evaluation of AMO Facilities and Equipment 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-AWS014C - Modifications and Repairs 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC–AWS012 - Qualification Guidelines for Specialized Maintenance Activities: Non-Destructive Testing and Welding 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC–AWS011C - Maintenance Control Manual (MCM) 01-05-2018 Download