Licensing of Aerodromes
Application for an Aerodrome Licensing

The application for the grant of license shall be made in the prescribed the Aerodrome license application form accompanied by: -

  1. An aerodrome manual;
  2. A site plan for the aerodrome;
  3. An environmental impact assessment report;
  4. Approval from any relevant authority;
  5. Proof of financial capability in the case of aerodromes in Category B;
  6. Particulars of any non-compliance or deviations from the appropriate aerodrome design, operation or equipment standards; and
  7. Charges as prescribed by the Authority in the Aeronautical Information Circular

The Authority shall issue a license in the prescribed form and manner where :—

  1. An applicant is found to be competent to operate an aerodrome on consideration of the previous conduct and experience of the applicant, the equipment, organization, staffing, maintenance and other arrangements of the applicant;
  2. The physical characteristics of the aerodrome and its surroundings are safe for use by aircraft; and
  3. An applicant for a license complies with the applicable security regulations prescribed by the Authority.

The aerodrome license issued by the Authority shall be valid for 2 years and once expired the operator shall be required to apply for renewal.

Renewal of an Aerodrome License

An application for the renewal of a license shall be made to the Authority in the prescribed Aerodrome license application form and shall be accompanied by:-

  1. The aerodrome manual if significant changes have been made following the initial licensing;
  2. Particulars of deviations, if any, from the appropriate design, operation or equipment standards; and
  3. The appropriate charges as prescribed by the Authority in Aeronautical Information Circular.

An application for renewal shall be submitted sixty days before the expiry of the license.