Special Flight Permit

The Authority may issue a special flight permit for an aircraft that is capable of safe flight but unable to meet applicable airworthiness requirements for the purpose of:

  1. Flying to a base where weighing, painting, repairs, modifications, maintenance or inspections are to be performed or to a point of storage;
  2. Flying for the purpose of experimenting with or testing the aircraft including its engines and equipment;
  3. Flying for the purpose of qualifying for the issue, renewal or validation of certificate of airworthiness or restricted certificate of airworthiness and the approval of a modification of the aircraft;
  4. Delivering or exporting the aircraft;
  5. Evacuating aircraft from areas of impending danger; and
  6. Operating at mass in excess of the aircraft's maximum certified take-off mass for flight beyond normal range over water or land areas where adequate landing facilities or appropriate fuel are unavailable with the excess mass limited to additional fuel, fuel-carrying facilities and navigation equipment necessary for the flight.

To apply for a Special Flight Permit, please complete form, Form AC-AWS004-1 and submit to the Authority Registry Office,Tower A Ground Floor.

You can contact us via email at airworthinessstaff@kcaa.or.ke