Aerial Masts and Other Structures Height Approvals

The following provisions shall apply in the erection of masts and other structures.

  1. No mast or obstacle shall be erected or in the vicinity of an aerodrome, where the obstacle may prevent an aircraft operation from being conducted safely or the aerodrome from being usable.
  2. No object shall penetrate the obstacle limitation surface, without the written permission of the Authority, where the object may cause an increase in an obstacle clearance altitude or in the height for an instrument approach procedure or of any associated visual circling procedure.
  3. Additionally, no person shall not construct a building or a structure within the vicinity of an aerodrome unless authorised by the Authority.

The applicant for this service shall fill the aerial masts and other structures Application form and send the same to the Authority with the requisite supportive documents. The applicant shall be required to pay the applicable fee as published in the current aeronautical circular.

Once reviewed by taking into consideration the existing regulatory requirements, the Authority shall grant an approval to allow the applicant to proceed with the erection or construction of the mast, Structure or building. The Authority shall conduct random inspection to confirm if the approval granted is being adhered to.