Certification of Aviation Security Personnel

Screener Certification Application

The following are the requirements when making a screener certification application:

  1. Application form from the Organization on behalf of the screeners to be certified
  2. Record/Certificate on Initial Training in any of the following:-
a) Basic AVSEC 123 training from an organization and/or trainers recognized by KCAA;
b) Basic or advanced Screeners’ training from an organization and/or trainers recognized by KCAA;
c)Other specialist AVSEC training recognized by the Authority (e.g. Cargo & Mail security).
    1. OJT records/reports (applicable initial (1st-time) certification only)
    2. Original copy of expired certificate/card/licence/authorization letter (applicable for recertification only)
    3. Background checks (Employer’s report on background check) and candidate’s valid Police Clearance certificate (see Guidelines on conduct of background checks)
    4. Medical examination/Assessment of the candidates’ physical condition (Doctor’s report or Employer’s Report/Declaration) in the following aspects:- 
    a) Eyesight
    b) Colour perception
    c) Hearing
    d) Sense of smell
    e) Chemical/drug dependency (excluding prescribed chronic medication)
    f) Perception awareness
    g) Physical abilities
    1. Records/Proof of recurrent training undertaken by applicant(s) in the preceding one year and the score marks for theoretical and practical examinations

    The above documents may be indicated on the application but may be reviewed by the inspector and handed back for safe custody of the employer. This may be done at the employer’s facility or on file of the employer.

    Aviation Security Instructor Certification

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