Aeronautical Information Management

The Role of AIM is to ensure the timely flow of Aeronautical Information necessary for the Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of National/International Air Navigation. AIS collects, collates, assembles, edits, formats, originates, publishes and distributes Aeronautical Information/ Data necessary for Safety, Regularity and Efficiency of Air Navigation concerning the entire Nairobi Flight Information Region (FIR).

Services offered:-

  • NOTAM (Notices to Airmen) - The International NOTAM Office (NOF) is responsible for the promulgation of NOTAM and facilitates the international exchange of NOTAM. Access to NOTAM can be given to interested parties upon filling the online flight planning and online briefing request form.
  • Flight planning and Briefing Service - Provided at the AIS aerodrome unit to facilitate flight plan management and pre-flight briefing services at the airports manned by KCAA. Access to the aim system for online flight planning and online briefing can be given to interested parties upon filling the online flight planning and online briefing request form.
  • Aeronautical Information products - AIM Headquarters is responsible for collection, collation, compilation, processing and dissemination of aeronautical data through regular updates to the AIP and issuance of AIP Supplements, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) and Lists of Valid NOTAM. The Order Form for Subscription of Aeronautical Information Products is available here.
  • Charting and Procedure Design – The Cartography and PANS/OPS units develop and maintain aeronautical maps and charts, coordinate WGS 84 surveys and manage electronic terrain and obstacle database. The Procedure Design Unit also deals with the construction and maintenance of visual and instrument flight procedures.
  • Consultancy Services – AIM Kenya offers consultancy to States, Corporations and individuals on matters of Aeronautical Information Management including the transition from AIS to AIM.
  • Attachment and On-Job-Training (OJT) to AIS - Attachment and OJT can be offered to Aeronautical Information Officers from other States and the Military at any of our units. Application for attachment and OJT is done through a letter to the Manager AIS.
  • Aeronautical Study - This involves aeronautical study for construction of infrastructure near airports. It is the aeronautical study process that determines the site-specific need for services, and identifies and recommends a course of action, or presents options for decision makers to act upon. Interested applicants requiring Aeronautical Study services should write a letter or email to the Director General, KCAA.

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