Air Transport

The Air Transport Department undertakes to develop a dynamic and sustainable air transport system in Kenya through the provision of the following services.

  • Processing and issuance of Air Service Licenses
  • Processing and issuance of Temporary Air Service Licenses
  • Processing and issuance of Adhoc Permits.
  • Processing and issuance of Aircraft lease approvals.
  • Processing and issuance of Domestic scheduled air service approvals.

Air Services Agreements

The Authority participates in negotiating Air Services Agreements with other states in conjunction with other government agencies and within the Authority, the air transport department is tasked with this responsibility.

The air transport department assists the Kenyan Aeronautical Authority, which is the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, in enforcing the provisions of the Bilateral Air Services Agreements as well as reviewing the existing agreements.

Facilitation of Air Transport

KCAA is usually linked with the Ministry of Transport. The Authority, through the Air Transport Department has several responsibilities and tasks aimed at implementing SARPs found in Annex 9 - Facilitation at the national level. Further, it also devises and promulgates aviation policies and regulations to comply with international obligations.

Air Transport is an active participant, together with other national authorities, in the delivery of the TRIP Strategy as a result of its obligation to implement the SARPs found in Annex 9, including those related to facilitating and expediting the clearance of air travellers.

Among the national authorities concerned, the KCAA not only plays the part of general coordinator, but also is the national focal point for communications with ICAO. KCAA has a duty to urge and help the other authorities concerned to comply with Annex 9 by adopting applicable regulations and actions to prevent unnecessary delays during border clearance operations at airports. Besides these activities, the KCAA has other responsibilities related to facilitation, such as setting out aviation laws and regulations involving facilitation, supporting the application of the Advance Passenger Information (API) system, and engaging with the aviation industry and other national authorities to ensure national facilitation objectives are achieved.

Air Transport Statistics

All holders of a license or operating authorization are required to make monthly returns to the Authority in the prescribed format with regard to all air services authorized by the license or operating authorization.

The submission of air transport statistics enables the Authority to monitor the growth and economic development of the aviation sector which contributes to the Authority’s objective of developing an economically sustainable civil aviation system.

The monthly air transport returns shall be sent to the Authority not later than two months after the expiration of the month to which the return relates. The prescribed forms for making the monthly air transport returns are available for download below:

1.    Scheduled air service
2.    Non-scheduled air service
3.    Aerial work service
4.    Flight training