Search and Rescue (SAR) Service

Search and Rescue (SAR) comprises the search for and the provision of aid to persons who are in distress or immediate danger within Nairobi Search and rescue region (SRR) and the areas for which Kenya has accepted responsibility.

Search and/or Rescue may take many forms, depending on the size or complexity of operation and on the capability and specialization of available personnel, equipment and facilities.

The approved Search and Rescue standard operating Procedure is available here

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Coordinates the conduct of Aeronautical Search and rescue in Kenya. All government agencies with resources and capability in search and rescue are mandated to respond to calls for SAR missions. In addition private entities and individuals with expertise and resources may respond to SAR missions either voluntarily or on need basis.

  1. Kenya Defence Forces
  2. National Police Service
  3. Kenya Wildlife Services
  4. National Youth Service
  5. Kenya Fisheries
  6. Aircraft Operators
  7. Ministry of Health
  8. Kenya Airports Authority
  9. Kenya Ports Authority
  10. International committee of the Red Cross
  11. African medical and Research Foundation (flying doctors)
  12. African Air Rescue
  13. Hotels and lodges in parks and game Reserves
  14. St. Johns Ambulance
  15. Local organized (volunteer) groups
  16. County disaster response units, etc.