Flight Operations Advisory Circulars
Title Effective Date Download
CAA-AC-OPS 042C - Ground Handling Procedures/Manual for Air Operators 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS033 - Crew Flight and Duty Time Scheme 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS 022A - Structure of Operations Manual 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS021 - Check Pilot/Flight Engineer Approval and Surveillance 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS018C - Large Aircraft Ground De-Icing 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS010C - Carry-On Baggage 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS005C - Air Operator Training Programme Approval Process 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-OPS003A - Establishing an Air Operator’s Quality System 01-04-2013 Download
CAA-AC-OPS001D - Certification of an Air Operator 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN029 - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) 01-04-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN021A - Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Air Operator Approval Process - General Information 01-05-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN010B - Aircraft Lease and Interchange 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN005A - Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Preparation Guide 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-DG001A - Process & Application: Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air 01-06-2018 Download
CAA AC-GEN020A - Requirements for Approved Operations by Single-Engine Turbine-Powered Aeroplanes (ASETPA) at Night and/or in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) 01-06-2018 Download