General Advisory Circulars
Title Effective Date Download
CAA-AC-GEN016 - Resolution of Safety Issues 01-06-2022 Download
CAA-AC-GEN002 - Procedures for Development & Amendment of Civil Aviation Legislation 01-06-2022 Download
Development and Preparation of Manuals 01-07-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN039 Transport of Cargo in the Aircraft Passenger Compartment - During Covid-19 Crisis 01-04-2020 Download
CAA-AC-GEN023 All Weather Operations 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN022 - Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) Approval 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN010 - Aircraft Lease and Interchange 01-06-2018 Download
CAA-AC-GEN004C - Statement of Compliance 01-06-2018 Download