Ratings and Endorsements

The following are ratings that can be issued and endorsed on the main licenses:

  1. Aircraft Category ratings
  2. Aircraft Class Ratings
  3. Aircraft Type Ratings
  4. Flight Instructor Ratings
  5. Ground Instructor Ratings
  6. Instrument Ratings
  7. Night Ratings (for PPL holders only)
  8. Flight Engineer Ratings
  9. Air Traffic Controllers’ Ratings

Read more on these on our Advisory Circular - CAA-AC-PEL 003

Application Requirements for Endorsements;

  1. A duly filled and signed application form for endorsement of an aircraft type rating on a license.
  2. Pass the practical test for the type rating being endorsed.
  3. Pass the knowledge test specific to the aircraft type.
  4. Copies of the logbook relevant to the training required for the rating being sought.
  5. Copies of the simulator training documents for the aircraft above 5700kgs.
  6. The license which is to be endorsed.
  7. Payment of the fees; which depend on the weight of the aircraft type to be endorsed on the license. i. e.
    • For those aircraft whose weight is below 5700kgs – Kshs. 2,000
    • For aircraft above 5700kgs in weight – Kshs. 4,000