Corporate Social Responsibility

KCAA recognizes that aviation, like other sectors of our economy, is accountable to its stakeholders, the society and the (our) environment in achieving a sustainable civil aviation system in Kenya. As an Authority, we acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and the (to our) local communities in which we operate in/co-exist.  We aim to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and to encourage a positive impact on the environment and the stakeholders including but not limited to our customers, employees, investors and existing communities. The Authority actively encourages our staff to recognise those responsibilities and behave in a responsible manner towards the society in which we carry out our function. We regard the setting of good examples as an important practice in this regard. Below are some examples of how the Authority and our staff have shown commitment to practice responsible corporate behaviour and to establish and support initiatives that support corporate social responsibility.


The Authority believes that, by nature, our operations have a minimal impact on the environment. However, we acknowledge that there are inevitable environmental impacts associated with our daily operations and those of the aviation industry, in general. We aim to minimize any harmful effects and consider the development and implementation of environmental standards to achieve this to be of great importance. As such, we strongly encourage the internationally established 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

  • In the course of our operations we seek to identify opportunities to optimise consumption of energy, water and other natural resources;
  • As we carry out our work, we seek to contribute to a cleaner and quieter aviation industry and to improve airspace design through new operational measures that minimise the negative impact on society;
  • We strive to re-use and recycle where possible and dispose of non-recyclable items responsibly, thereby minimizing negative impact of waste on the environment;
  • We actively encourage our staff to plant trees in our various Stations with a view to conserving the environment.
  • In the just concluded year, we actively participated in ICAO Work Groups and projects aimed at reducing environmental degradation.

Our success as an Authority is largely dependent on our human capital (people).

  • We seek to recruit, retain, reward and develop the best talent in the Authority. 
  • We recognise the need to inculcate among our employees the culture of being sensitive to matters of safety, security, society and the environment. This ensures that employees act with integrity and responsibility with the people they deal with and the environment they interact with.
  • We train employees to value each other, provide necessary support systems for people with different needs and have a system in place that encourages acceptance of cultural diversity.
  • Further, we continually seek to improve the welfare and skills of our employees through structured programs for personal and professional development.  
  • We actively seek to ensure gender parity and where possible recruit persons with disability and from the minority groups of our society.
Health and Safety

The Authority aims to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and customers.  The Authority aims to comply with all relevant legislation or regulations and best practice guidelines recommended by the national health and safety authorities/arms of government.

The Authority also liaises with staff regarding existing policies and practices to ensure we continue to maintain a healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment. Since the Authority moved to its new complex, we now afford enhanced work environment and excellent customer experience.


The Authority in consideration of its corporate social responsibilities, carried out other CSR activities during the year.  These included but not limited to:

  1. The Lokichoggio Drought Response through provision of food assistance to Mogila and Nanam locations
  2. Bronze sponsorship to Aviation Stakeholders in Kigali Rwanda during Aviation convention
  3. Sponsorship of Air Traffic Controllers team building retreat in May 2017.
  4. Sponsorship of Nairobi Golf tournament at Karen intended to assist needy children with congenital heart conditions
  5. Participation at Standard Chartered Marathon Nairobi intended among other objectives to equip hospitals and refurbishment of eye care health facilities
  6. Sponsorship of Kalya Marathon in West Pokot intended to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation vice and also to deter early marriages among the Pokot community
  7. Sponsorship of Green Run marathon in Kitui aimed at conservation efforts through tree planting
  8. Sponsorship of Nairobi Hospital Charity Heart Fund aimed to provide resource for treating needy children with congenital heart conditions.

All these activities and many others were aimed at supporting the various communities and stakeholders who the Authority interacts with in one way or the other as it carries out its mandate.