Aviation Security Programmes Review and Approval

1. Operators are obligated under Regulations 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 50 and 51 of the Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations (KCASRs) 2020 to develop and submit their security programmes to KCAA for review and approval. It is required that operators review and submit their security programmes to KCAA at least once every year.

2. Respective operators (airports, airlines, air navigation service providers, in-flight catering operators, regulated (cargo) agents, ground handling agencies) shall submit their Aviation Security Programmes in duplicate accompanied by an application letter to KCAA for review and approval.

3. The applicable approval fee (Kshs. 5,000) shall be paid by the operators during submission of the security programme.

4. The inspector(s) shall review the security programme/manual using relevant checklists before approval as appropriate. The checklists shall be maintained and updated in line with the provisions of current KCASRs and/or NCASP as applicable to the operator. They shall be provided as guidance to the operators as appropriate for self-assessment of the adequacy of their programmes before submission to KCAA.

5. As per the provisions of KCASRs and the Service Charter, Inspectors are expected to review a Security Programme within 30 days of receipt. After review, the inspector(s) may make recommendations as regards the programmes’ compliance with the NCASP and KCASRs requirements and return the same to the operator with recommendations for further review where necessary.

6. A corrected and resubmitted security programme (in duplicate) shall be reviewed within 15 working days after receipt. A copy of the approved programme shall be returned to the operator while the second copy shall be retained by the KCAA AVSEC section.

7. The Inspector(s) shall include the details of the approved security programmes in the register of approved security programmes.

8. Any amendments to the approved security programmes arising from emerging need or new requirements shall be reviewed and approved as appropriate. Such amendments shall bear the KCAA AVSEC approval stamp, date and signature of the Inspector approving them.